Andrew Hardaway is a Los Angeles-based director and VFX artist that fuses update-to-date mastery of Maya, NukeX, and Vray with a live-action directing reel spanning 20 countries.  Specializing in effects-oriented content, Andrew enjoys seamless and continuous transition between the titles of digital artist, supervisor, creative director, or director, feeding his passion for the art and craft of photorealistic digital visual effects and concept-driven storytelling.

Highly experienced in all aspects of live-action and VFX post-production from bidding though delivery, including creative treatment, Andrew creates his own 3d previs and VFX supervises his projects to completion. He provides leadership in team building and excels at finding creative and innovative solutions to time-sensitive challenges, often pitching in as a concept or digital artist.

As both a director and digital artist, Andrew has worked extensively in both film and advertising, directing campaigns for Lexus, Hewlett Packard, Honda, Nissan, Volkswagen, Jeep, Ford, Toyota, Sharp, Tylenol, NEC, and Mountain Dew. As a digital artist at Industrial Light & Magic, he provided significant shot contributions on Star Wars – The Phantom Menace, Star Wars – Return of the Jedi Special Edition, Men In Black, Mission to Mars, Imposter, Galaxy Quest, ET – Special Edition, and The Haunting.

His "Moving Cities" spot for VW took home a Gold Medal in Execution from the Art Director's Club, and his spots have been highlighted in Lürzer's Archive, Shoot Magazine, Shots, Creativity, Adweek, and many other international creative reviews. He has been shortlisted at Cannes in ‘Boards Magazine's ‘Best New Director Review’ and included in Shoot Magazine's New Director Showcase at the Clios.

Specialties: Direction, VFX Supervision, On-Set Supervision, Shading/Lighting/Comp TD, 3d Generalist, NukeX, Maya, Vray, Mocha Pro, Adobe Production Suite, HDR Light Studio, Deadline, 3d Previs, Storyboarding, and Photography

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